Thursday, December 3, 2009

What powder do nba players use?

I see Lebron James using some powder before he comes into the game. I was just wondering what it is an what it does?

What powder do nba players use?nba

baby powder....

What powder do nba players use?nhl ,nba teams

Baby powder, to dry the sweat off their hands. Lebron wants to "be like Mike" by using it, as Jordan was infamous for his use of baby powder.
its baby powder
Baby powder, it stops your hands from sweating so you can grip the ball better.
it could just be talcum or baby powder to dry the hands. i also heard the announcers say that it is rosin powder. rosin is the same kind that the baseball pitchers use. this is the one they usually have in a bag behind the mound and toss around on their hand to help their grip since rosin has a friction-increasing capacity.
its prabably just a deoderant or somthing to make his skin dry so he wont sweat as much or maybe just for grip for his hands

usually its just to close up pores so the face wont sweat alot
johnson and johnson baby powder
baby powder, removes the oil from your hands so you have a smooth stroke and control of the ball.

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  1. I really think its gymnastic & weightlifting chalk
    powdered and solid block forms of magnesium carbonate. used on the hands of gymnasts and weightlifters to reduce friction from contact with equipment.


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